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: ADMIN : Mon, 19 June 2023, 10:30 AM

KBEE 2023 Frankfurt FAQ : About KBEE O2O Olive Young ticket registration

1. What is the difference between General tickets and O2O tickets?

General tickets are for 3 registrations (K-Pop Concert, Fan Signing and Fan Signing Audience Seat events), while O2O tickets are only available for 1 registration (K-Pop Concert). However, for O2O tickets, applicants need to PURCHASE an item from Olive Young (Total amount of purchased items should be over 30 USD) to successfully register.

2. What is the difference between O2O tickets (Amazon) and O2O tickets (Olive Young)?

Both O2O tickets (Amazon) and O2O tickets (Olive Young) are for the K-Pop Concert. It's only different in shopping on Amazon and Olive Young platforms.

3. Is my registration valid if I buy products on the Olive Young website, not KBEE Website?

No, your registration is only valid if you purchase an item via Olive Young of Official KBEE Website (https://zrr.kr/XIbw). Please kindly access our official KBEE website, click to “KBEE X Olive Young” page to find the list of items to purchase and enter the products page on Olive Young at KBEE website. And below the list, there is the click box to enter the registration page. The purchase must be proceeded through the link of the Official KBEE Website, otherwise the registration will not be added to the raffle system!

4. If I purchase the product more than once, could I give a receipt to my friend to apply for a ticket?

No, application is only accepted once per person, and we will check the duplicate registration before choosing the winner randomly to ensure fairness for everyone.

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