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: ADMIN : Mon, 19 June 2023, 10:14 AM

KBEE 2023 Frankfurt FAQ : About KBEE O2O Amazon ticket registration

1. What is the difference between General tickets and O2O tickets?

There are two main differences in the two ticket raffle categories:

1) General tickets are valid for three registrations (K-Pop Concert, Fan Sign and Fan Sign Audience Seat Events), while O2O tickets are only available for one registration (K-Pop Concert).

2) Compared to the completely free General Tickets, it is necessary to purchase a total value of 30 EUR on selected products on Amazon in order to be able to participate in the draw.

2. Is my registration valid if I buy any product on the e-commerce platform, with the total amount of purchased items being over 30 EURO? 

No, your registration is only valid if you purchase an item via Amazon of Official KBEE Website (http://kbee-contents.biz/). Please kindly access our official KBEE website, click to “KBEE X Amazon” page to find the list of items to purchase and enter the products page on Amazon at KBEE website. And below the list, there is the click box to enter the registration page. The purchase must be proceeded through the link of Official KBEE Website, otherwise the registration will not be added to the raffle system!

3. If I buy products more than once, can I apply more than once to get higher chances of winning concert tickets?

No, application is only accepted once per person, and we will check the duplicate registration before choosing the winner randomly to ensure fairness for everyone.

4. Why did I successfully purchase the items but not receive a ticket voucher?

O2O ticket registration is just one of the ways for you to have a chance to win a concert ticket. Organizers only send email vouchers/ticket confirmations to selected people (very limited number) in the order of registration (time as recorded by the system).

Tickets will be chosen randomly and all of you who successfully register will be sent an email confirming to have a ticket. 

Occasionally, the voucher mail is in the spam mailbox. So, please check the spam mailbox, too.

5. I missed the time to register for O2O tickets, is there another batch of tickets?

You can register any time in the given ticket registration period (10th to 19th of June). Please make sure, that you enter your email address and phone number correctly, as wrongfully entered data will lead to disqualification of the application. 

We still have many other activities to receive tickets. Please follow the official channels to receive detailed information.

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