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: ADMIN : Mon, 19 June 2023, 10:09 AM

KBEE 2023 Frankfurt FAQ 2 : Process of sedning - receiving tickets

1. Are KBEE 2023 tickets open for sale?

Like every year, KBEE tickets are always free (including the Concert, entering the expo site, Fan Signing Event and Fan Signing Event Audience), so don't be fooled by online sales and follow the official information from our fan page.  

Important side-note; If the given email address is incorrect, we will remove the corresponding account and the registration will no longer be taken into account. 

2. If I register faster, do I have a higher chance of getting a ticket?

No, the registration is not based on a first come first serve basis. After the registration, your application will be selected RANDOMLY and notified via email later. 


3. Can I use the information of my friends/relatives to register and exchange tickets?

You cannot use other people's information to get tickets. Submitted information cannot be changed, so please check before submission.  

Upon collection of your ticket at the event, we will verify your ID number (with a photo) and other proof of identification.  

If the submitted personal information does not match, you will be restricted to the event. When you lose your ticket, you will not be eligible to attend our event. 

4. How come I successfully registered but did not receive a ticket voucher?

As you all know: the number of people registering to receive tickets at the same time is very large (up to thousands of people), while the number of tickets is limited.  

Organizers only send email vouchers/ticket confirmations to selected people (very limited number) in the order of registration (time as recorded by the system). 

Tickets will be chosen randomly and all of you who successfully register will be sent an email confirming your ticket voucher. 

5. What is the difference between a Fan Signing Event ticket and a Fan Signing Event Audience Seats ticket?

Fan Signing Event tickets are tickets to meet and get an autograph from the artists (excluding audience seats in fan sign event area) and Fan Signing Event Audience Seats tickets are tickets to have a seat in fan sign event area (no autograph). 

6. Can I apply multiple times to give a ticket for a friend?

No, each phone number and email can register for 1 ticket only.  

If you want to register for one of the tickets with your friends, all your friends have to register separately with their own email addresses and telephone numbers. 

Please note that tickets are randomly assigned, so it may happen that not every one of you gets a ticket. However, cancellation or changes are not possible after registration. 

7. missed the time to register for tickets, is there another batch of tickets?

You can register any time in the given ticket registration period (6th to 11th of June). Please make sure, that you enter your email address and phone number correctly, as wrongfully entered data will lead to disqualification of the application.  

After June 11, we still have many other events to win tickets. Please follow the official channels to receive detailed information. 

8. Can foreigners participate in ticket registration?

Of course. You just need to follow our instructions to register your ticket correctly and make sure that your online registration information is correct.  

The information you give us at the ticketing event is regardless of your nationality. 

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