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: ADMIN : Tue, 25 October 2022, 7:00 PM

KBEE FAQ 3 – Important Notes when participating in the event

3rd FAQ


KBEE 2022 Hanoi is free-admission so you can visit and enjoy our exhibition booths and mini stage events for free (except for certain halls)

1. Do I need an entrance ticket to attend exhibitions and mini stage?

The KBEE Expo area is free to enter. Tickets are only used for certain events: Concert, Fan-sign, and Fan-sign audience seats. 

When experiencing products and participating in activities at the booths and mini stage area, you also have the opportunity to receive tickets for the events of the day:

-        Concert ticket: Oct 27th, 2022

-        Fan-sign and Fan-sign audience seats ticket: Oct 28th, 2022


2. What date should I attend the on-site events if I want a ticket to participate in Concert/Fan-sign/Fan-sign audience seats?

If you want to have a chance to own a ticket for any day, you need to attend the on-site event of that day, as soon as possible because the number of tickets is limited and based on first-come-first-served basis. Every day, activities at the booths and mini stage will take place from 9:30 am.


3. Can I choose my seats for concert? Will I get better seats if I register early or it is just random?

The seats for concert are randomly arranged. However, it cannot be guaranteed as the seat will be given out within designated area for each person, and you will not be able to choose “preferred” seat by coming early. 


4. There are some KBEE ticket resellers, KBEE has any solution for that?

All tickets delivered without notice on KBEE official SNS channels are illegal. If KBEE detects any sign of ticket trading, that ticket will be canceled immediately.


5. What if those people still come to event venue to exchange ticket with their ID/ticket voucher, then sell the admission ticket (wristband) to others right after getting it at the event?

The ticket from website registration/SNS events/Shopee event can only be received by the person who register for it. When one exchanges voucher for ticket, the ticket (wristband) will be wrapped immediately by on-site staff, and it cannot be removed without any damage. People will be restricted to enter the event venue when their ticket are damaged. 


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