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: ADMIN : Fri, 21 October 2022, 10:00 PM

KBEE FAQ 2 : About ticket exchange/receipt at the event

Regarding ticket exchange/receipt at the event:

1.   When can I receive the ticket voucher via e-mail?

We will send an email with the ticket voucher to selected people on Oct 22th. If you did not receive an email within this time, we are so sorry to inform that you did not win the ticket. However, we still have other activities for you to get tickets, please follow us on our official channels so you don't miss any important news.


2.   Why did I successfully register but not receive a ticket voucher?

As you all know: the number of people registering to receive tickets at the same time the website opens tickets is very large (up to thousands of people), while the number of tickets is limited. We only send email with ticket voucher to selected people (very limited number).

The email "Registration is now completed" is an automatic email from the program's website system, confirming that you have completed the registration for tickets! All of you who complete the registration information to receive tickets will also receive this confirmation email. However, this is not an email confirming you will have a ticket.


3.   I received a ticket voucher from KBEE via e-mail, how can I exchange the ticket? What date and time do you start to exchange tickets?

-  You can exchange a ticket (Concert/Fan-sign/Fan-sign audience seats) at the ticket booth in front of HALL A1 entrance, I.C.E, with the ticket voucher you received via e-mail and an ID card that can authenticate yourself. (*Own voucher, own ID card is required)

-  The Date and Time of exchange ticket by type are as follows:

· Concert Ticket Exchange Time: 08:00~16:00, October 27th (Ticket exchange is not allowed after 16:00)

· Fan sign event & Fan sign audience seats Ticket Exchange Time: October 28th

WINNER: 09:00 ~ 10:00

Kim Sejeong: 12:00 ~ 13:00

BLANK2Y: 14:00 ~ 15:00

* You cannot exchange tickets after the appointed time for each ambassador, so make sure to exchange the ticket on time.


4.   Can I use a photo of ID to exchange tickets at the event?

According to the regulations of KBEE, you are required to present identification (original ID card or passport with information that matches the information you provided to KBEE when registering for tickets). Photographs, scans or photocopies of any kind are not accepted.


5.   When filling in the ticket registration, I got the wrong number on the ID card. Can I get a ticket?

As we announced: We only exchanges tickets for the right person who registered the ticket with the correct identity with the information provided to us. Any difference or deviation in personal information when checking and comparing can also cause you to have your ticket canceled on the spot.


6.   Can I give my voucher and ID card to my friends and relatives to receive tickets?

As we announced: all tickets are subject to identification. You can only receive tickets after comparing and verifying the correct identity of the ticket recipient. Therefore, any exchange will not be accepted.


7.   Do I need to print out the voucher from my email when I come to exchange my ticket?

You may not need to print out the email voucher. We can check the voucher on your phone screen. However, you need to bring the correct ID Card/Passport for us to check and confirm the ticket recipient information.


8.   Can I return a ticket I received to someone else if I unable to attend the event unexpectedly?

You cannot transfer tickets to other people (including friends and relatives). Transferred tickets can be canceled at any time and you may not be able to enter.


9.   I received 2 ticket vouchers for the same event (Concert/Fan-sign/Fan-sign audience seats) via 2 different platforms (Website registration/Shopee event/SNS event) but both with my personal information. Can I get both tickets or come with other people?

For each event (Concert/Fan-sign/Fan-sign audience seats), each person can only receive one ticket (after comparing and verifying personal information). After closing the registration in all platforms, the system will choose randomly then filter the applications with duplicate information (with the same ticket type only). Thus, the case you mentioned is very unlikely to happen.

However, in case it happens, only personally verified ticket recipients can enter. You cannot pass on the ticket to other people.


10. Can fan-sign ticket holders attend other events of the day?

Fan sign tickets include entrance tickets to attend and see other activities of the day (except attending other fan signs). 

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