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: ADMIN : Fri, 14 October 2022, 10:00 PM

KBEE FAQ 1 : About KBEE ticket registration


About KBEE ticket registration:


1. Is KBEE 2022 open for ticket sales?

Like every year, KBEE tickets are always free, so please do not be fooled by online sales, but only follow official guideline from our official account/homepage.


2. If I register faster, do I have a higher chance of getting a ticket?

No, the registration is NOT based on first come first serve basis. After the registration, your application will be selected RANDOMLY and notified via e-mail.


3. Can I use the information of my friends/relatives to register and exchange tickets?

You cannot use other people's information to get tickets. We will verify your ID number (with a photo), when we exchange you the actual tickets. Therefore, you will not be able to receive your ticket when you bring forged personal information. If you use someone else's information, you will not be able to receive your ticket. When you lose your ticket, you will not be eligible to attend.


4. Why did I successfully register but not receive a ticket voucher?

As you all know: the number of people registering to receive tickets at the same time the website opens tickets is very large (up to thousands of people), while the number of tickets is limited. Organizers only sends email vouchers/ticket confirmations to selected people.

The email "Registration is now completed" is an automatic email from the program's website system, confirming that you have completed the registration! All of you who completed the registration to receive tickets will also receive this confirmation email. However, it is not an email confirming you won a ticket.

The announcement on the website and official social network services accounts of the regulation also made this clear.


5. What is the difference between Fan Sign ticket and Fan Sign Audience Seats ticket?

Fan Sign is tickets to meet & get a sign from the artists (excluding audience seats in fan sign event area) and Fan Sign Audience Seats is tickets to have a seat in fan sign event area (dont get a sign from the artists)


6. Can I apply for one ticket the first time and another ticket the second time? I want to give a ticket to a friend.

No, each phone number and email can register 1 ticket only. If your friends want to participate then you have to register by yourself entering friends information, in case you want to download tickets for them. The tickets can be only redeemed when you show your friends ID. 


7. I missed the time to register for tickets, is there another chance to get tickets?

People do not need to rush to register within a certain period.

After October 20, we still have many other activities to give away tickets, such as mini games, on-site ticket registration, etc. Please follow the official channels to get detailed information.


8. Can foreigners participate in ticket registration?

Of course yes, you just need to follow our instructions to register your ticket correctly and make sure that your online registered information is correct.

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